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The show focuses on Zaara Khan, who at the beginning of the show, is on the verge of tying the knot with her longtime boyfriend
and love Samar. But her sister Zeenat approaches her and asks her to become the second wife of her husband Aamir, Zaara’s brother
-in-law, the reason being Aamir’s family’s insistence on getting him married a second time due to Zeenat’s inability to conceive
and give the family an heir. Zeenat wishes only Zaara to become Aamir’s second wife for she feels any other girl will take her
place in Aamir’s life and separate the two of them. Zaara spurns Samar and marries Aamir for her sister’s happiness. After some
time Zaara and Aamir fall in love with each other, and both Zeenat and Zaara conceive.

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