Kutumb is the story of a strongly bonded and a well respected Mittal family. It’s a Diwali evening and like any other Indian household, there are preparations for the festival of light going on in the Mittal house. Everyone is ready for the Diwali Pujan to start but they find Pratham Mittal, Umesh Mittal’s son, missing. Pratham ends up in a drunked brawl as a club and gets arrested. He breaks the relationship with Tanu and she attempts suicide.A brilliant story that takes a close look at relationships, Kutumb is a story about two young people stuck in the cross fire between the heart and the head. Kutumb is a dramatic love story of Gauri and Pratham Mittal. The two central characters are poles apart and cannot live with or without each other. Pratham Mittal is son of a rich business tycoon and Gauri Pradhan is an independent middle class girl. Gauri deals with unacceptance. Her mind wants revenge but her heart and her upbringing tell her otherwise. Kutumb showcases the love and hate relationship of Gauri and Pratham. Pratham is flirtatious and does not believe in love until he meets Gauri who is different from most girls he knows. Destiny plays a big role in how Gauri and Pratham get attracted towards each other. But for how long will it last?


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